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Thursday, August 28, 2014

What sets AirCool apart from other A/C companies??

So, recently we had a situation arise with a new client of ours. After a month of enjoying their new air conditioning system, they noticed a problem. The equipment stopped working for no apparent reason at all. They notified us of the issue, and we immediately dispatched one of our technicians to the home. One of the things that sets us apart is how we handle an issue for a client. We consider these types of situations "Emergencies", and always do our best to get someone out immediately to resolve the issue.

When our tech arrived at the home, he began to diagnose the problem with the equipment. Every once in awhile, there arises a "stumper" of an issue. The technician was able to get the system cooling again. Because of the particular situation with this system, he knew that there was something else going on in the electrical system. But, amazingly the equipment checked out fine. He ended the call, and the unit ran well for two more days.

Then it happened again, unfortunately. We promptly visited the residence and again got the system running. Another thing that sets us apart is being honest with the clients. We notified them of the situation, and assured them that the problem will be resolved eventually. We never run from issues that may arise, we always do everything possible to be accessible to the client. Low and behold it happened another time shortly after that visit, and we went there and restored cooling for them at 7:30pm. Both the client and us knew that the unit would probably quit again, but if it would give them a few hours of cooling it was worth it to us.

Needless to say after replacing nearly every component associated with the issue, there was only one more thing we could do to diagnose the problem. This ended up being the culprit. The finding amazed us all, and ended up being a learning experience. Turns out, an animal was frequenting the residence at night. It had chewed some of the wiring in a part of the attic which was inaccessible to a person. Also when we checked that wiring, it checked out fine with no shorts. The wires had been chewed bare and must have been close to each other, but not touching. When the animal would pass by, he must have been brushing against the wires, causing them to short at that moment. This would cause the ac system to fail.

The only way we found it was by replacing the wires that run through that part of the attic. We found no problem with them, but did it just in case because you couldn't see them. What also sets us apart is the fact that we will stay true to the client if an issue may arise, and provide a solution as expeditiously as possible. Most companies see these as a nuisance, but we see them as opportunities to build a stronger bond between us and the client. Because even though there are few problems, we believe how we handle them is part of what sets us apart from the others.

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