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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Make Sure The Evaporator Coil Is Clean.

There are many reasons why the evaporator coil in an air conditioning system needs to be clean at all times. We all know that we have to change our air filter often, but do we know just HOW important it is? The obvious reason to have a clean filter is so the air can move freely through the filter, providing good air movement into the space to be cooled. If the filter is not clean, the air is restricted from flowing freely. Well, the same happens to the ac system if the coil in the air handler is dirty. Air cannot flow through the coil, hampering the airflow throughout the space to be cooled. This will cause the unit not to cool properly, making it hot and uncomfortable inside.

Now, the restricted airflow caused by a dirty evaporator coil can cause more problems than just a hot house or workplace. Every part of an air conditioning system works with every other part. Believe it or not, a dirty evaporator coil can damage the compressor in the condensing unit. Compressors are expensive to replace, and are the heart of an air conditioning system. No one wants to replace a compressor when a much less costly maintenance procedure could've saved the life of the compressor. A dirty evaporator coil inhibits the heat transfer from the air to the freon in the lines. This can cause liquid freon to return back to the compressor, which is damaging. So, one of the best ways to protect the heart of your system is to maintain a clean evaporator coil.

Another negative aspect of having a dirty coil in your air handler is the electric bill. Since the coil is dirty, air has trouble flowing through the coil fins as stated before. This makes the unit cool poorly, and run for longer intervals than usual. Because the system is struggling to cool the space, it is using more electricity. Since you pay for the electricity, keeping the unit running efficiently can have a detrimental impact on your finances.

We at AirCool Mechanical Systems Inc want you to save as much money as possible through your ac system. We have three methods available to you in order to determine if your evaporator coil need cleaning.
  1. We offer an "AC System Tune-Up" at a special price. This "Tune-Up" will determine whether your coil needs attention, or if your coil is in good shape. It will also discover and disclose to the client what else if anything needs attention with the ac system.
  2. We offer a Preventative Maintenance Plan to all of our clients. This ensures via yearly inspection, the condition of your evaporator coil. It is also a full system check, so you will be fully aware of the situation with the entire system.also
  3. We offer a coil cleaning service. We use a special acid cleaner to get into the center of the coil, cleaning it thoroughly and removing the solid dirt and dust particles from the coil.We also ensure that a clean freon charge is returned to the system.

If you have any questions about this topic, or would like to schedule AirCool for appointment, please call 305-254-8330