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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Is it really important to change my air filter regularly.

Air Filter
Everybody knows that you are supposed to change your ac system's air filter every month, but there is more to know about why that is and what more you can do to preserve your system.
Firstly, the air filter is there to catch as many solid particles as possible and remove them from the air you are breathing. It also catches the solid particles and prevents them from getting into the Evaporator Coil. This is the most basic function of the ac air filter. There are many types of filters to buy, later I will get into which ones are which, and how to save money on purchasing them. As long as you have a basic air filter in place in your air handler, you will increase the life expectancy of your air conditioning system. If you are looking for more function out of your air filter, then you may considering one which also removes tiny particles which can pass through regular quality air filters.

Electronic air filters are in fact more efficient at removing tiny particles of pollutants from the air.
How an Electronic air filter works
The diagram above explains how the electronic air filter works. It contains a traditional air filter in front to catch particles. After this, the next section of the filter is charged or ionized which charges or ionizes the tiny particles in the air which pass by regular filters. When these charged particles pass by a collection plate, they are pulled to it removing them from the air. Like a magnet attracts paper clips, the particles are attracted to the collection plate. The collection plate needs to be cleaned periodically, but usually not as often as a standard air filter. To learn more about these filters and others, visit our web page dedicated to Air Filters on our website. These filters are much more efficient at cleaning the air than standard filters.

A similar type of filter is the electrostatic air filter, which is better than standard filters but not as good as electronic air filters. The electrostatic filter generates a static charge which causes the pollutants to "stick" to the filter increasing it's efficiency. Not only is it good to filter the air for the cleanliness of the coil, but it is also imperative to maintain air quality. These filters need to be cleaned periodically, although after too long need to be discarded. Anti-microbial agents can be applied to these filters to help ward off mold and viruses, but they are still not as efficient as electronic air filters.

Below is a chart on the efficiencies of different types of air filters which may help you determine the best filter for your needs.
Air Filter Efficiency Chart

If you want to save money on air filters, here are two solutions:
  1. Call around and heavily research all of the stores in your area which sell air filters. Browse the Internet for online shops which sell and deliver air filters. Decide which quality and price is best for your situation.
  2. Or, order your filters from us and have them delivered to your doorstep. When you order a years supply, the cost of one filter comes out to roughly $7-$8 each. This price is very hard to find any other way, and the convenience is unbeatable. Call us today to ask us about ordering filters, or if you have any other questions. (305) 254-8330
I hope I helped explain a bit about the benefits and differences of air filters with this post. More informative posts to come, thank you for reading.

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