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Friday, November 28, 2014

Something you shoud know...

I get calls from time to time from clients who have been misled in the past by their previous air conditioning company. One topic in particular seemed to jump out at me, so I figured I would explain this issue in a relatively short post.

Freon - What's the deal???
Do air conditioning systems use-up freon like cars use-up gasoline?

From time to time a client will call in and tell us that their freon is running low again in their air conditioner, and could we come out and re-fill it for them. They explain that they cannot get a hold of their regular ac company, and decided to give us a try this time. They say that their company is happy to come re-fill the freon for them, and gives them a reasonable price, can we beat it. I then reply that we may not be able to beat the price, but we can certainly beat them in honesty. Then I go on to explain what I am about to cover below:

THE MYTH: Freon is used up slowly similar to gasoline in a car, and needs to be replenished from time to time.

THE TRUTH: False, totally false.

The reality is that if the air conditioning system is operating normally with no leaks, then the freon should not need to be replenished at all. The freon circulates through the ac system via copper piping, evaporator and condenser coils. If all of these parts are not leaking, then the freon cannot escape. Technically, the freon in an air conditioning system should last "forever". There are a few exceptions to this, but none would require re-filling the freon periodically. If you need to replenish freon into your ac system, you most likely have a leak in the system.

AC coil leaking freon.

Why would a reputable ac company not imform their client that they ma have a leak, and continue to put freon in the system from time to time? We cannot answer for them, but I can tell you a few things to consider.
  1. Freon is very expensive, and the companies usually mark-up the freon in order to make a small profit on it.
  2. There is usually a service call charge for the job, where the companies can make some additional money.
  3. Just getting into the door and checking out the system, can expose other issues with the system. (A chance to make more money on a repair)
  4. Repairing the leak would end the ability to benefit from reasons 1-3.
Crack in a copper freon line

So, keep in mind that if you need freon added to your system, you may have a leak. Any reputable air conditioning company should offer to do a Freon Leak Search in order to determine where the leak is coming from, and what is required to fix it. If you are not being presented this option, it may be a good idea to find out why. If you want an honest diagnosis, you can always call AirCool at 305-254-8330. We always present honest and reliable findings to our clients, so they can fix their problems once and for all. Best of luck with your cooling systems, and remember that AirCool is always on your side.