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Monday, July 21, 2014

AC system freezing? Here's a tip...

So, the unfortunate has happened and your air conditioning system is frozen. You noticed that the unit was not cooling properly, and found that there is ice inside the evaporator. You will ultimately need service if you are not an experienced ac technician. This is not an easily remedied problem, and there could be many different reasons why it is happening. An experienced technician will be able to properly remedy the problem.

If you experience this issue, there is something you can do to have the issue fixed faster. If the coil is still frozen when the technician gets there, he or she will need to defrost it before they begin to work on it. So, to save time on the service call you can begin to defrost the unit while waiting service. To do this, you will need to have your unit running on fan, but not cooling. The thermostat has two switches, a fan switch and a cool/heat switch. You want to place the fan switch on ON, so that the fan will continue to run and help melt the ice. Then you want to place the cool/heat switch on OFF.

This will not repair your ac system, but it will help you get the system repaired quicker. The technician will not have to wait for the ice to melt to repair the system. Many times they will leave and come back when the system has melted. I hope this helps you save a little time, and keep you in the cool longer. One way to help prevent getting to this point is to have regular maintenance on your system. Clean the area around the ac intake or return. Always have a clean air filter in place, as a dirty coil is one of the leading causes of freeze-ups. Best of luck, and remember we are always here to help. Until next time, take care and stay cool.